2015 Trends in Employee Background Screening

As providers of drug and alcohol testing as well as other background screening services, it’s our job to stay on top of current screening trends. This allows us to best serve our clients and meet the Kansas City metro area’s needs for employee background screening.

EmployeeScreenIQ recently released a report on 2015 background screening trends. We’ve reviewed their data and highlighted some of the key information from their findings in the infographic below!

2015 Trends in Employee Background (2)

2015: Key Trends in Employee Background Screening

Background Screening for Safety

46% of employers surveyed said they felt employee background screening was necessary to protect their clients and customers. Since drug and alcohol use can cause worksite accidents, property damage, and theft, including of client data or information, it’s true that properly screening employees can help keep your workplace safe.

Compliance Concerns

51% of employers surveyed said that regulatory compliance was a top concern when it comes to running employee background screening programs. Test Smartly Labs of Kansas City North can help your company follow all state, federal, and industry regulations to ensure the legality and success of your program.

Marijuana Legalization Won’t Stop Drug Testing

54% of employers surveyed reported that even if marijuana was legalized, they would continue their drug testing program. This is a positive indication that workplaces do realize even when a substance is legal they still have the right to prohibit on-site and on-the-clock use or impairment.

Felony Drug Offenses Disqualify Applicants

70% of employers surveyed said that if employee background screening uncovered a felony drug offense on an applicant’s record, they would not consider them for employment.

Employee Background Screening & Drug & Alcohol Testing

Test Smartly Labs of Kansas City North can be your partner in employee background screening, including your drug and alcohol testing program. Let us make sure you are hiring the right people and keeping your workplace safe.

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