Three Benefits of Pre-Employment Background Checks

In recent years, the news has been full of stories pushing for background check requirements for new employees. While we are saddened by the reasons why background screening is being elevated to the national spotlight, we are pleased to see the benefits of pre-employment background checks paying off.

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The Anatomy of a Drug Test

Have you ever thought long and hard about how a drug test works? Isn’t it strange that we can eat or inhale a substance that will later show up in your urine? It seems confusing until you understand the literal chemistry behind drug use, particularly marijuana:  Continue reading “The Anatomy of a Drug Test” »

What Can Employers Do to Encourage a Drug-Free Workplace?

If you’re an employer focused on the well-being of your employees, there are a few steps you can take. One step is implementing a drug-free program in your workplace. If you’re curious about how a drug-free program can help your office, let Test Smartly Labs give you some ideas! Continue reading “What Can Employers Do to Encourage a Drug-Free Workplace?” »

Suicidal Thoughts Linked to Illegal Drug Use: What Can Employers Do?

Test Smartly Labs knows how much employers care for the mental and physical health of their employees. As an employer, did you know that illegal drug use can adversely affect a person’s mental wellbeing as much as their physical welfare?

A 2014 study by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) concluded that adults who abuse illegal drugs have higher rates of suicidal thoughts than non-users. SAMHSA concluded, from data collected in their 2012 National Survey on Drug Use and Health, that drug use has a very serious negative impact on an abuser’s mental health.

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Understanding the Difference: 5-Panel and 10-Panel Drug Tests

When you work in the drug and alcohol testing industry, it’s easy to forget that not everyone automatically knows what a “5-panel” drug test means. The “10-panel” test can be equally confusing. Test Smartly Labs works hand in hand with businesses throughout the Kansas City area, and we provide so many drug tests for those businesses that our drug testing panels are very familiar. If your business is establishing a drug testing program at your workplace or if you need to request a pre-employment drug test, it’s imporant to understand the difference between these two tests: Continue reading “Understanding the Difference: 5-Panel and 10-Panel Drug Tests” »

K2 in the Workplace Goes Undetected

Many employers and court officers require routine drug testing to ensure that employees are staying drug-free and healthy. However, one drug has become increasingly common over the past few years and it’s flying under the radar. K2 synthetic marijuana is not usually detected on a traditional drug test. Test Smartly Labs explains why: Continue reading “K2 in the Workplace Goes Undetected” »

How Long Does Pot Stay in Your System?

There are many opinions on how long a drug stays in your system. People who frequently use drugs say there are many ways to cheat a drug test and clear out your system in a day or two. Others say drugs can stay in your system for many months. Who’s right How long does marijuana stay in your system? Is it 30 days or 3? Can pot simply be flushed out? Continue reading “How Long Does Pot Stay in Your System?” »

Prescription Drug Addiction in the Workplace

The United States is suffering from an opioid crisis that affects families in all corners of the U.S. and in all walks of life. Prescription drugs are an enormous driver of opioid addiction, whether it is prescribed after surgery or provided by a family member or a friend. This epidemic inevitably spills over into the workplace as it continues to impact more lives. Employers have a higher need than ever to be on the lookout for hints of prescription drug addiction among their employees. Continue reading “Prescription Drug Addiction in the Workplace” »

Does Legalized Marijuana Effect Workplace Policies?

In short, not much. This may sound surprising but employees working in states that have legalized recreational marijuana use still subject to prosecution under federal law. Continue reading “Does Legalized Marijuana Effect Workplace Policies?” »

Employers Benefit From Preventative Health Measures

Return on Investment is one of the most important pieces of a strong business and possibly the biggest ROI concern is employees. Unhealthy employees miss more work, costing companies money. The recommendation is to implement an employee health program to help keep employees healthy and working. Continue reading “Employers Benefit From Preventative Health Measures” »